Bruce Whitehill, board game inventor and editor of The Big Game Hunter, lauded Personalogy™ as a laugh-out-loud experience. “We were all laughing at the same time.”

“As a road trip game, it will make the time fly by.”
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“It’s just a small box, but it packs a punch for a get-to-know-you event”
~ L Smith


“Great stocking stuffer.”
~ Heidi M


“A couple friends and I were taking a road trip about a month ago and decided to get some games to keep us entertained. Found this one while searching around and thought it looked fun – it definitely was! We spent several hours playing this and kept coming back to it. Made the time fly and we got to know each other better! Highly recommend!”
~ Breanna Arnold


“Absolutely loved this game. I played it for the first time at dinner with some friends, and we closed the restaurant down we were having such a good time. My friends and I have known each other for several years, and we were completely surprised at how much we learned about each other from Personalogy. The portability of Personalogy makes it great for a road trip or playing at dinner. It’s unlike any other game out there, and has become a staple in our game nights!”
~ Mahaley Hessam


“A great way to get to know your friends and acquaintances. A fun way to engage in interaction with other players.”
~ rPr


“I played this game recently with friends I know well and people I didn’t know that well. It’s a total ice breaker, really good fun and a game everyone should get out at a party. Love it!!!!!!!!!!”
~ Rachel Harrison


“I just got my new game and first of all have to say that I love the box it came in, so small and portable….very smart!!! Have had a lot of fun with this already at work and can’t wait to take it into personal social situations too. Definitely a game a wide array of people can play, no rules just FUN!!!!”
~ Jackie


“Used the game for a housewarming party with various friends and family who did not know each other. People from 5th grade to 80-years-old had fun and got involved in getting to know each other. Big success!”
~ Paul Montgomery


“I played this game with both friends and family in the past few weeks and everyone loved it. It was hard to stop playing after hours. I learned so much about people I thought I knew well and learned about people I did not know much at all. Extraordinary! What a great idea for a stocking stuffer, New Years party or even Valentines day get togethers.”
~ Charles Amico


“I opened this in the office around several co-workers, who immediately took to this game and before long everyone was laughing, but all were intrigued and suddently curious about each other ? This is a terrific idea. My friends and I have had great fun and entertainment. I keep it in my handbag because it is so convenient and compact. It will turn a low-key get together with friends into an unexpectedly interesting time!
Highly recommend this – especially as a stocking-stuffer over the holidays.”

~ Julie Wirkkala


“Girls night out!! We played this game with a group of girlfriends during Happy Hour at Bandera’s in L.A. The whole bar got involved including the bartender and the waiters! The deck is full of super smart and surprising questions that help you to get to know your self, your friends and others! What a fun game!! Many thanks ;)”
~ J Victoria


“Personalogy is a great game to play with friends for any occasion! We played this before a night out on the town and had a blast! We had a big group of people that didn’t necessarily know each other that well, and by the end of the night everyone was acting as though they had been great friends for years. The game really brought our group together and was the turning point in the night. I would recommend this game for anyone looking for a good ice-breaker game for a group of acquaintances, or friends that have known each other for years! Its easy to play and leads to some interesting conversations when its all said and done ;). Definitely got my money out of this for all the laughs and the smiles on my friends faces.”


“What a great idea for a game! Personalogy is a blast to play with family and friends and you may be surprised by some of their answers! The game is small and can fit in your purse or bag so you can play it on the go. It’s the perfect game to play over drinks with friends or in at night with your family. I’ve definitely learned some things about my friends that I never knew before! Haha, it’s worth every penny!”
~ Jon M


“A creative and innovative thinking game with thought-provoking questions and original answers. The hottest conversation starter! How well do you know your family and friends? You will be surprised. Perfect for a night out for dinner and drinks. So portable! Take it anywhere… to the beach, to the slopes, to the bars. Don’t leave the house without your Personalogy cards.”
~ Lisa L


“It is stimulating and fun. A great Christmas gift!”
~ Papa B.


“What a great stocking stuffer! The questions and answers make you think and they’re surprising. It’s a great way to really get to know each other! Funny and sharp ‘what-ifs’ you’ll never think to ask about. Definitely for ‘thinking’ people. The game packs a lot of punch in a little package — like the size of a double deck of cards, so it fits nicely in my jacket pocket.”
~ P.K. Forsyth “The Writer”


“A great addition to our game night! Great Christmas gift for any party you’re invited to this year. Great work party gift and can be used for team building activities in the workplace.”
~ Lindsay Beer


“I brought it to my friends dinner party and everyone loved it. What a laugh so surprised by my friends answers.”
~ Lils M


“Love this game! We were laughing out loud, it’s so much fun to play – just when you think you know your friends…full of surprises! Perfect for a party!”
~ game player


““We love this! Shoney and I didn‟t use the point system and just asked each other the questions to see if we could guess each others answers. We started playing as soon as I got home, played until we were about to pass out, then continued when we went out to eat.”
~ Mitzi and Shoney Chollampel, TX


“Great game. You can still uncover something you never knew about your other half-and have fun while doing so!”
~ Heather Turk, Las Vegas


““It brings together family and friends in a way no other game does. It stimulates the mind and allows for a deeper understanding of those around you. Whether you are having dinner with your family or entertaining guests. Thank you for bringing my friends and family closer.”
~ Shawn Farida, Encino, CA


“The instant I picked it up, I loved it.” “It doesn‟t take long to fall in love with this game.”
~ Jeremy Fifer and Matt Rivaldi, Wiggity Bang Games LLC, CA


“A fab game! Informative, thought & conversation provoking…”
~ Gilly Briggs, London


“Loved the game. It sparked off fantastic conversations and I was truly surprised by my friends and partner who I thought I knew!”
~ C. McGlinchy, New Zealand


“We love this game! We started playing as soon as I got home and couldn’t stop so we took it with us when we went out to eat.”
~ Mitzi and Shoney Chollampel, Encino CA


“We played the game at my staff party and loved it. I can’t wait to play one-on-one with my husband at home.”
~ Lisa Gyselen, New York


“I like how the game naturally leads to other interesting conversations as you explain your ‘why’ answer. It was fun to ponder – believe it or not, I actually learned things about myself!”
~ Joseph Chollampel, CA

“We decided to test the game Personalogy by taking it to a casual dinner and pool party and it ended up being the highlight of the evening!”
~ Steven Skelley and Thomas Routzong


Amazon Party Reviews


“Love it! The size of this game is perfect. This game is great for road trips, parties and to play during lunch break with friends! Hilarious fun!”
~ Tryazon reviewer, May 2015


“Ridiculously fun! I didn’t get this through Amazon but OMG is it fun. We got together at a Mexican restaurant to play. Mustaches and Margaritas and a great game? LAUGHS FOR DAYS!”
~ Tabatha Evans, June 2016


“This is such a fun game! We played it over the weekend, gives you some great insight on new friends, and proves how well you know your old friends! Great fun for any age group, and would be perfect for a wedding shower game or birthday gathering.”
~ bbb110, June 2, 2016


“Great game night fun for all! We had game night tournaments featuring Personalogy. The box is small, STURDY and I love that it is so portable. I thought this was clever as this game is great for anyone, any gender and any age!”
~ Patricia Don, Amazon review, June 2016


“Great Game. You would think that after 14 years of being together you would know one another but nope. LOL. I loved this game it brought us closer and it was equally as fun playing with family and friends as much as the two of us alone.”
~ Alisha Wickson, June 2016


“Awesome Game. Personalogy!!! This game is awesome. I hosted a game night with Personalogy and everyone really enjoyed themselves. I actually have it in the middle console of my car, so when I go have drinks with friends or go to the lake with family we can play Personalogy.”
~ Samantha on May 31, 2016

Mommy-Bloggers Love It Too:

“Personalogy Family Fun Game is the perfect game for our long weekend trips, every weekend. We have done that trip so many times and it can be incredibly boring – but now this game fits into a pocket and can be taken anywhere. We have the family fun version and take it with us everywhere we go. We used to play a game – would you rather do this or would you rather do that. This is even more fun than that. It is helpful that it is multiple choice because I have an autistic son who can’t always use his imagination enough to answer other types of questions. But multiple choice makes answers more concrete for him. This game is a lot of fun and retails for $20 on Amazon.”
~ Athena Nagel from the stuffofsuccess review


“Does your family play games together? When was the last time you played a game that helped you bond and get to know each other better? I want to introduce you to Personalogy Family Fun Edition, a personal trivia game that’s all about conversation with each other. My family has a “game night” at least once a week, it’s our favorite time and we honestly would play a game together every night if our schedule was less busy. We play a lot of strategy games, but sometimes we get bored with them because they just don’t spark much conversation during the game. We enjoy playing trivia games, but it’s really hard to find a trivia game that’s fun for both adults and kids, and that has trivia questions that our kids can actually answer. The beauty of Personalogy Family Fun Edition is that the trivia questions are personal ~ so it’s more like family trivia which makes it at the right level for all of the kids in your family!”
~ Heather Hernandez from Freebies4Moms


“I played with a few preteens…middle schoolers…who traditionally utter one word answers while they’re eyes are set on their phones.We had a 20 minute wait on our order one day, and it was hard to put the cards down. As a matter of fact, we decided to continue throughout the meal. The kids decided, not me.”
~ Missy Botelho from


“If you are shy like me and go to a party you just look around not sure how to start a conversation and are very uncomfortable. There is a new game out called Personalogy that is the size of a playing card and fits perfectly in your pocket. The object of the game is to predict your opponent’s answer .The person with the most points win. I was sent a handful of cards from Family Game which is for ages 7+ and offers hours of laugh out loud fun for the entire family, makes having dinner around the table a fun experience, no more long boring car rides and adds entertainment to your vacation with 125 amusing questions and surprising answers. Personalogy the Original Party Edition which is for ages 16 and up and you ask a variety of questions for your next get together party or otherwise to break the ice.”
~ Missy Botelho from


“My 10-year-old is finally at that stage where he has a genuine interest in other people, so he loves trying to guess what my favorite food is or what place his dad would like to visit.”

My husband and I love this game because it gives us a chance to get to know our son’s ever changing likes and dislikes a bit better while learning a few fun tidbits about each other in the process.

“We don’t normally play for points. In fact, I’ve taken to leaving the cards on our dining room table so we can answer a few questions at every meal.”
~ Kristen Chase from (rated #2 on Cision’s blogger list in US)

Amazon Family Reviews:

“Got this for my own family but tried in my classroom first. The kids loved it!!! We’ve played three times as a wrap up to our day and the kids look forward to it. All kids are engaged, no one left out, and the kids loved sharing. Perfect for our family of six and all the sleepovers too. Thumbs up from everyone!”
~ By Kelly Hernandez on March 3, 2015

“Great game! We played on a road trip and had a blast. Kids didn’t keep asking us when will we get there. A must buy for your next trip!”
~ By Sue Black on February 11, 2015

“Great for getting the family talking and laughing. The kids didn’t want to stop playing!”
~ By LiM on February 12, 2015

“We keep this game in the car. Our boys (ages 6 & 7) love playing this! We bring it out on longer car rides. It keeps them occupied so they aren’t tempted to play electronics.”
~ By Amazon Customer “crazy busy mom and business owner”on April 21, 2015

“This is a great game to play with your grandkids! I learned so much about them while playing this game. It was awesome fun and makes a great gift!! All I can say is: BUY IT.”
~ By C.K. on April 21, 2015

“Entertaining anywhere and everywhere! Took this game on vacation and it made traveling so much easier and more fun for all of us.”
~ By Sonali de Silon May 1, 2015 

“They love the questions and enjoy their family meal so much. Gave this to my granddaughter for Christmas last year. The family plays this at dinner time. They love the questions and enjoy their family meal so much more! As a Psychotherapist I saw the value instantly!!!! I would recommend this as a stocking stuffer if you have a stocking as big as Santa’s!”
~ By Pam R. on August 1, 2016 

“Over the Christmas holidays and we had so much fun. This game was played by the whole family over the Christmas holidays and we had so much fun. I made us all laugh!”
~ By Cindy Rehder Weaver, 2016

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