Meet the Creators

Michelle and Lilamani met while in Seattle nearly 20 years ago. Two women from different continents crossed paths unexpectedly, became friends, and co-founded Interact Games S-Corp. Michelle was consulting at Microsoft and Lilamani was producing a nature documentary for Discovery. They share a love of family, friends, playing games and ruckus laughter. Their common passion is to stimulate meaningful conversations that build lasting and enduring relationships.

Michelle is a serial entrepreneur with a flair for coming up with creative solutions, ideas and out-of-the-box perspectives. Her consulting practice, Energy Catalyst Group focuses on building and sustaining a more engaged, innovative, and energized workforce by bridging communication and cultural gaps in the workplace. She also applies her creative bent to her culinary skills and enjoys reading, music and travel.

Lilamani has a unique blend of scientific and artistic talents. She graduated with an MSc in Biochemistry, worked in the press office at London Zoo, produced documentaries around the world, and continues to enjoy painting and travelling to unusual places. She is a self-taught artist who has sold her artwork worldwide.

Personalogy™ was a labor of love invented in 2006 in their respective lounges, over numerous phone and Skype calls. Michelle, lives in sunny California and Lilamani, splits her time between New Zealand and London. They’ve enjoyed play testing across the globe in bars, cafes, living rooms, on planes, trains and road-trips, getting valuable feedback and making new friends on their unique journey. Proving that Great Conversations = Great Relationships. 

This dynamic duo believes everyone wants to be seen, valued and heard and Personalogy™ Games, ‘Cards for Humanity’ do exactly that. Personalogy™ is the ultimate social catalyst, perfect for igniting good old-fashioned fun, a dab of intrigue and a large dose of laugh-out-loud hilarity–ingredients that make relationships stronger and last longer.