What’s small enough to fit in your hand, yet big enough to connect you to anybody?

(hint: it’s not a smartphone)

Personalogy™ is an LOL personal trivia card game that Instantly gets people Talking, Laughing and having FUN!

We dare you to play, see how quickly it turns any social gathering into hilarious fun and lightens the mood.

If you don’t discover new things about who you are playing with or laugh-out-loud within the first 5 minutes, throw this game in the garbage or, pass it onto your neighbor. It has no use for you.

Seriously, grab your drink and a special someone or a group of friends and see how quickly Personalogy makes you laugh! Cards FOR Humanity!

You need this game if you:

  • have guests who are introverts or don’t all know each other
  • are going on a first date
  • know co-workers who are frenemies or your next office team-building
  • have friends or family overly distracted by their tech gadgets
  • are taking a road trip
  • holiday or family dinners are drama-filled
  • or someone you know is single looking for love – tired of online dating
  • are going out to a bar or restaurant and want to meet new people (date magnet)
  • want to spice up your dinner or cocktail party
  • need a unique hostess gift

Each deck contains over 125 cards with playful, thought-provoking
and entertaining questions and even more surprising answers.

Unique gift for hostess, birthdays or holidays – perfect stocking stuffer.


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Family Fun Game

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