Why is play important for Children & Adults

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This modern era has seen a shift in culture with one notable trend; the move from traditional indoor activities to technology based activities. This is most commonly seen in the growing popularity of video games and time spent on the Internet. It looks like we maybe shying away from what is now termed a “traditional” form of fun. We’d like to revisit the classic way of having fun and share some of the benefits to show you why it is still cool to enjoy ourselves without technology from time to time!

Why should you budget for some play time?

The beauty of taking time out from our structured lifestyle of commitments, to do’s, work and school among others, to incorporate being playful, is that we not only add a little spice to life, we also reap some wonderful physical and psychological benefits. Here’s why we should never lose the art of being playful!

Boosting Creativity

Play has been known to boost imagination and creativity in both children and adults – essential in building social and emotional ties. Children absorb and indulge in creativity regularly with ideas stimulated by the world around them. The same can be said for adults, who are able to keep that child-like curiosity alive. It has been shown that we learn more when we are relaxed and joyful. So, if you have a hectic job that requires some creative input why not take time out to relax your mind, and be more playful. Refill your tank and let the creative juices flow!

Building Relationships

Loving relationships are not measured by the number of friends we have on social media. Engaging and meaningful connections are cultivated face to face, with regular bonding and socialising. Those who play together can share fun moments, build intimacy, trust, compassion and empathy. Through playful interactions, both kids and adults can create stronger relationships make new friends and improve the bonds they have with existing friends and families.

Improving Well-being

To keep us healthy and happy it is important we hone our minds and keep our bodies stress free. Play, laughter and human interaction are powerful ways of managing stress. Not only that, from a biological perspective, play can trigger the production of endorphins – a chemical that creates a sense of well-being in the body. And, let’s not forget that thinking games are known to challenge the mind improving brain memory and capacity.

Judging by these benefits it is clear that play should be on everyone’s list of to-do’s. If you haven’t done so already, how about including a little play, lots of conversation, laughter and plenty of fun into your weekend every weekend.

Enjoy and have FUN!
Personalogy™ Team