Personalogy™  Games 5 Tips for a Successful Family Vacation

Family Weekend1

Vacations are a great way to have fun and enjoy new experiences. The big challenge, however, lies in making the most out of that family vacation without the added stress that can go with holidays and road trips. Let’s be honest though, there is nothing like a perfect stress free family vacation but with the right attitude and some forward planning, you can create some cherished memories. We hope these tips will help you make the best out of your next family vacation.

Forward Thinking

Start by lowering your stress levels before you leave home, get everyone involved in organizing and doing their bit – no man is an island. Divide the tasks and packing. Kids enjoy being given responsibilities.  Have them pack their own carry on with card games, dvd’s, coloring in books, pencils, snacks and hand-wipes.  Arrive at the airport early, easier to do if you set your watch ½ hr earlier. There is nothing more frustrating than missing a plane, or waiting in a long line just because you arrived late or at peak time.

Stay Active

Active holidays are a great way to bring families together. Integrate what you and your family members love doing into your vacation plans. Encourage individual family members to add their ideas into the day and include these on your outings. Of course, everyone will need to be flexible in a bid to fit in with one another. Some fun ideas could include a day out swimming where you can create a swimming tournament for the family or find a golf course, where you can play miniature golf, and make it competitive. Or how about picking fruit and baking a pie, hiring cycles or putting your track shoes on and walking the local trails. Pack a picnic to break it up and keep it light and fun.

Outdoor activities are healthy, energizing and will tire the kids out, so mom and dad can enjoy a longer lie in. The point is staying active is great for everybody young and old.

Time Out (that includes you Mom & Dad)

Time out is necessary for everyone. It’s important we build a balance between having some time to ourselves and planned activities with the family. Being entertained all day everyday is not only exhausting for you and the kids, it doesn’t allow the kids to make their own decisions or give them room to use their imaginations. Children learn a lot from being left to think for themselves. Schedule at least a few hours either in the morning or afternoon where they have to entertain themselves and you can spend your time re-energizing and doing what you enjoy like reading, writing, yoga or snoozing. This time should be dedicated to you and you alone.

Document Your Vacation Time

The beauty with the digital era is that you can take photos, videos, and store your memories as you travel along.  Encourage the kids to take their own photos or create a fun video. Imagine you are making a movie, give each person a role, storyboard it, have a director, a camera person, and editor, then swap roles.  Encourage the kids to keep a creative diary, paint what they see or scrapbook to record the vacation. It can be lots of fun for both kids and adults as well as being memorable.

UnPlug from Technology

Have a day or two where everyone unplugs from technology. Share fun conversations, recap the day’s events at the dinner table, play games like Personalogy Family Fun, Scrabble or Articulate. Ask the kids to prepare a menu and share in the cooking. Kids love being involved, listened to and of course spending quality time with their parents.

To ease the transition back to your usual routine plan to return home with a day or two up your sleeve.  Have a vacation that ensures you have a proper break from work,  everyday routines and school. Unwind,  have fun, and enjoy each other’s company. Remember that successful vacations are all about having a well-crafted plan, coupled with the  ability to be creative, flexible and spontaneous!

Enjoy and have FUN! Personalogy™ Team