Easier Than Charades!

Relationship Builder, Conversation Starter, Social Connector… all wrapped up in one.

It’s a ‘LOL’ Party-In-A-Box!

Play it or Gift it:

  • Dinner or Cocktail Party
  • Date Night
  • Turn your Road trip, air travel or long car ride into a party! (Endorsed by AAA)
  • Girls’ Night Out – “the Secret Man-Magnet”
  • Icebreaker for meeting new people
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Family Get Together
  • Game Night
  • Holiday Party
  • Gifts: Hostess, Birthdays, Holidays, or Just because
  • A perfect stocking stuffer

We dare you to play this game and see how quickly it lifts the mood!

WHY Play?

  • Ignites eye-opening conversations that reveal entertaining personal trivia about the players.
  • Entertaining questions covering hot topics, lifestyle, pop culture, psychobabble, sports and dating; each with multiple-choice answers.
  • Uncovers the unexpected about you, your friends, love interest, strangers, coworkers and even your family.
  • Instantly includes even the shiest guy, wallflower, introvert and dorky dater to join in the fun.


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“Super fun for all types of groups, family or friends. Even funnier when played as a drinking game.” – Bethany


“Absolutely loved this game. I played it for the first time at dinner with some friends, and we closed the restaurant down we were having such a good time.” – Mahaley Hessam


“A fun game to get a party started!” – Suzanna Griffith
“It’s a fun game to play when family or new friends get together.” – Shiradee “dubldownthehach”
“”I played this game with both friends and family in the past few weeks and everyone loved it. It was hard to stop playing after hours. I learned so much about people I thought I knew well and learned about people I did not know much at all. Extraordinary! What a great idea for a stocking stuffer, New Years party or even Valentines day get togethers.” – Charles Amico


“Great Hostess Gift! Brought this to a party and it was a hit!” – Sue Black

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