How to Keep your Kids Engaged for Holiday Travel

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How can you keep those infamous words  “Are we there yet” at bay? Holiday travel can be stressful and if you are a parent with a long journey ahead of you or a lengthy wait at an airport, you’ve no doubt had to experience a fair share of those sentiments. Every parent at one time or another has been faced with the challenge of  entertaining kids while on the go.  The best road trips and air travel experiences are those that keep kids busy, and the parents sane.

 So, sure, if you have kids with endless energy to spare you can opt for technology and other gadgets, however, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a “family trip?” Besides, isn’t it important to teach your child the value of family time and how you can have fun, engaging interaction without the use of electronics. Of course, young minds can be challenging at times to engage, which is why we have some fun tips to help you on your holiday trip.

Play Anywhere, Anytime

The trick with getting the best out of your holiday travel is to keep the entertainment going and the laughs and interaction flowing. So be sure to have a few options. Next time you are stuck in line, traffic or at the airport and your kids are growing impatient, just pull out your bag of “treats’ and we’re not talking candy.

Travel Games

Kids love to play and even more so if they have their parents playing along with them. There are lots of fun games like  “Eye Spy”, Animal, Vegetable or Mineral, or Story-boarding where you start with one line of a story and each of the kids add to the story.

There are also some fun conversational cards games you can carry in your purse or glove box like Personalogy™ Family Fun Edition, that provides parents and kids quality time to swap stories and share anecdotes and others like Shut the Box or Kids Charades.  


Everyone enjoys singing, humming, or listening to music. It’s  a great way to get the family in tune and involved. Just put some fun family sing-a-longs onto your playlist, it will make time fly. Remember to ask your kids for their favorites to make it an inclusive and engaging experience. And, you probably have a few favorites you’ve enjoyed as a kid too, so share your playlist and the stories that go with them.

Schedule Stopovers

If you are traveling by car, it’s a wise idea to schedule stop overs whenever you are with kids.  One idea is to ask your kids to choose from 3 options you provide or surprise them by making a stopover in a place they have been wanting to visit!

To ensure that your holiday travel carries lots of great memories, and some peace for the adults, blend in some creativity and keep the kids involved by asking them for their ideas. The happier they are the more likely you are to keep boredom at bay and the less likely you are to hear those words “Moooommmmm are we there yet?!” Happy Holiday travels!

Enjoy and have FUN! Personalogy™ Team