What’s small enough to fit in your hand, yet big enough to connect you to anybody?


(hint: it’s not a smartphone)


Personalogy is an entertaining card game that gets people Talking, Laughing and having Fun!

Face-to-face quality moments instantly engage players, rather than spending more time on technical gadgets, TV or internet.

Personalogy games gets you Talking, Laughing and having FUN! Each deck contains over 120 cards with playful, thought-provoking and entertaining questions and answers that spark laugh-out-loud and surprising moments especially when they discover the “why!”

Play and spice up your Dinner party, Family gathering, Date night, Girls Night Out (great Man-Magnet), or Game Night.

Fun antidote for Road trip, vacation travel or long car rides.

Unique gift for hostess, birthdays or holidays – perfect stocking stuffer.

Once you start, you may not want to stop! Enjoy!

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Party Edition

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Family Fun Game

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Rules of Engagement

The Object of the Game: predict the card holder’s answer and WHY? Who wins depends on how well you know the people you are playing with or how good you are at guessing.

You can play two ways – with or without points!

Players get one point for each correct answer and two points for guessing the WHY. 25 points wins.Extra: Five PASS cards are included and are for the questions you don’t want to answer, so pick another.

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